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General Care for Contact Lenses

Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

Any contact lens that is worn more than once must be cleaned and disinfected before being placed back onto the eye. This is because pathogens could cause complications and substances like protein, calcium, and lipids that are found naturally in your tears could build up on the surface of all contact lenses. They may reduce the comfort of your contact lenses and make your eyes more prone to infection.

Contact Lens Solutions

Contact lens solutions differ, just like your contact lenses. Multi-purpose solutions are a convenient way to care for your lenses as you can use this single solution for cleaning, disinfection, and rinsing of your lenses.
Although most multi-purpose solutions can be used with most soft contact lenses, some exceptions might be possible depending on the different ingredients of the solution and contact lens material compatibility. Always consult your optometrist and only use the solutions that they recommend. You should also follow the directions given on the product label.