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Thank you for choosing MiYOSMART

Once your child has worn their new MiYOSMART lenses for 2 weeks please download and complete the Adaptation & Performance Questionnaire and return it to us here online, via email, or to us in person.

Should you need to complete section B please call or email us to schedule an appointment.

Should you not need to complete section B then please bring your child past one of our locations, at your convenience, so that we may adjust their frames as needed to ensure they are still fitting perfectly. We understand that frames may need adjusting from time to time so please ensure you bring your child past so that we may do so whenever necessary as it is important to achieve best results that they fit properly.

    *Once clicked it has been submitted, look out for confirmation email.

    MiYOSMART Informed Consent Form

    If you’re making an appointment for a myopia management consultation please print and sign our informed consent form and take to the examination for quick processing.

    We Provide Comprehensive Quality Care Experience The Eye Q Way

    Our optometrists are certified locally and internationally and use a wide variety of equipment and procedures to examine your eyes. These range from simple tests, like reading an eye chart to complex ones, such as using high powered lenses to visualize tiny structures inside your eyes. All of which set us apart from other optical outlets in Jamaica.

    Eye Exam Individual To You

    Jamaica's finest Eye Exam. By asking you a series of questions about your occupation, lifestyle, general health, family’s general health and ocular health we can make your eye exam even more specific. It is very important to have a clear understanding of your vision needs, especially if a specific problem is the reason for your visit.

    Health Examination

    “Your eyes are the front of your brain and the window to your body”. From your eyes we can detect changes that may lead to the diagnosis of underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and macular degeneration. Diabetes is the most common cause of blindness in the working population, so at Eye Q we do complimentary blood sugar screening.


    At Eye Q we pride ourselves on supplying a wide range of products and being able to offer our customers excellent advice so that they make informed purchases. Our dispensing team comprises of a Dispensing Optician and Frame Stylists who have been professionally trained and certified with “The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers” in the UK.

    See you soon! The Eye Q Way