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Easy Contact Lenses Do’s & Dont’s

Contact lenses offer many of us the ability to put away our glasses. But with this newfound freedom, comes responsibility.

It’s estimated that more than 40% of contact lenses wearers do not properly care for them. So, we thought we would put together an essential list for you to check on whenever you have questions…


  • Complete your 6-month Contact Lenses checkups and your annual refits
  • Always wash and dry your hands prior to handling your lenses
  • Always rub, rinse and store your lenses in the recommended solution before and after each use (except single-use lenses, which should be discarded after each wear)
  • Always clean the lens case with solution, wipe with a clean lint-free tissue then air-dry after each use by placing the case and lids face down on a lint-free tissue, before re-storing
  • Check that the lens is not inside out before applying
  • Check that the lens is not damaged before applying
  • Handle carefully to avoid damaging the lens
  • Apply the same lens first to avoid mixing them up. The best way to remember is to always do the right lens first, whether inserting or removing, and ensure that it is safely on your eye or in the storage case, before attempting the left
  • Remove lenses then remove make-up
  • Keep your eyes closed when using hairspray or other aerosols
  • Replace your lens case at least every three months, or monthly to be safest
  • Discard all solutions one month after opening, even if there is still solution remaining
  • Remember the importance of good blinking. Regular and complete blinking will help you to keep the lens moist and clean.
  • Consult your eye care practitioner if you experience any unexplained redness, persistent pain, discomfort, change in vision, excessive tearing, light sensitivity or unusual eye secretions
  • Remove contacts before swimming
  • Get regular Eye Examinations
  • Discard lenses and solutions that are past their expiry date
  • Wear only the lenses specified by a certified optometrist
  • Stick strictly to the recommended wearing schedule and replacement frequency
  • Make sure you have an adequate supply of replacement lenses or an up-to-date pair of spectacles for when you need to remove your lenses
  • Wear protective glasses or goggles if you are in any situation where dust, sand grit or other foreign matter could enter your eye, such as bike riding, gardening, sanding or grinding, or working in a dusty environment
  • If you have been in a situation where there was an opportunity for foreign matter to enter your eye, clean and replace your lenses. If you are not sure that you have completely removed any foreign matter contact your eye care practitioner


  • Don’t use tap water, or any other water, on your lenses or lens case
  • Don’t apply a lens if it is dirty, dusty or damaged
  • Don’t share contact lenses or wear any lenses not specified by your optometrist
  • Don’t wet your lenses with saliva or put in your mouth
  • Don’t use homemade saline solution
  • Don’t put a lens on the eye if it falls on the floor or another surface, without cleaning it thoroughly
  • Don’t re-use or top-up solution. Discard and replace with fresh solution each time lenses are stored
  • Don’t decant solution into smaller containers
  • Don’t wear lenses left in the case for more than 24 hours without redisinfecting them – cleaning and storing in fresh solution for a minimum of 6 hours before wearing again
  • Don’t use your lenses for swimming, hot tubs or water sports
  • Don’t wear your lenses when showering
  • Don’t continue to wear your lenses if your eyes don’t feel good, look good, see well, are uncomfortable or unusually red
  • Don’t rub your eyes vigorously while wearing lenses
  • Don’t expose your lenses or storage case to undue heat
  • Don’t ever sleep in your contact lenses

Do’s and dont’s of make-up use with contact lenses


  • Apply cosmetics after you insert your lenses
  • Apply eye make-up sparingly and take care so as not to risk spoilage or damage to a lens
  • Apply eye make-up on the outer lid margin only, not the inside
  • Remove lenses before removing make-up
  • Remove all make-up daily with an oil-free hypo-allergenic remover.
  • If you should get any make-up on your lenses, clean immediately
  • Use eye make-up that has been specially formulated to be oil and fragrance-free
  • Use a non-oily mascara that is waterproof, to prevent flaking and excessive smudging. Mascara with lash-building fibers should be avoided
  • Replace mascara and eyeliner products every three to six months to avoid contamination
  • Consult your eye care practitioner if any redness, swelling pain or irritation occurs


  • Don’t apply cosmetics if you have red or swollen eyes or an eye infection
  • Don’t allow make-up to come in contact with your lens
  • Don’t use water or saliva to lubricate the make-up applicator. This could cause infection
  • Don’t apply eyeliner to the inner margin of your eyelid
  • Don’t use an oil-based remover
  • Don’t use make-up with preservatives if you have any allergies
  • Don’t share cosmetics
  • Don’t expose cosmetics to heat
  • Don’t use aerosols with eyes open after lens insertion

Properly caring for your contact lenses is essential to maintaining good eye health. Even when worn as directed, contact lenses can cause damage to the eye. Sometimes this is reversible, yet sometimes permanent vision loss can occur. Don’t risk your health by buying any “questionable” contacts or by using out of date prescriptions. Annual eye examinations are designed to minimize the risk of serious, sight-threatening eye health problems. Protect yourself by seeing your eye doctor once a year even if you think you are doing okay.



As a specialist contact lens practice, we fit & supply contact lenses from all major suppliers and a few specialist ones too. Whether you suffer from astigmatism and require a toric lens correction or require extra assistance when reading, we have a solution for you.

Contact Lenses are now a great option for most glasses wearers; offering clear and stable vision and superb comfort. Never a substitute for having a pair of spectacles they are a great solution for those looking for an alternative more natural way to see.

Lenses we supply include:

  • Monthly and Two-Weekly Disposables
  • Frequent Replacement
  • Daily Disposables
  • Soft, Rigid, Toric and Progressive
  • Specialist lenses (e.g. for Kerataconics)
  • Coloured Contact Lenses

For further information or to book a contact lens fitting either call us at one of our locations for an appointment or use our online book appointment form.

Existing customers with up-to-date prescriptions held on file at Eye Q may re-order their supply here.

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We can also accept overseas insurance ichip, Vumi, and Signa by filling in the necessary info and signing.