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At Eye Q we pride ourselves in not only supplying a wide range of products but also at being able to offer our customers excellent advice so that they may make an informed purchase. Our dispensing team comprises a Dispensing Optician and Frame Stylists who have been professionally trained, many achieving certification with “The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers” in the UK.

All adjustments and minor repairs are complimentary whether you are one of our customers or not so we encourage you to pass through and have your eyewear straightened and professionally cleaned form time to time.

True to our Mission Statement we have the very latest dispensing aides including ipad apps and state-of-the-art camera measuring equipment. The former allows us to better explain the advantages of one lens type or coating over the other with real time visuals showing our customers exactly its features and benefits. The latter is a high resolution camera measuring system, which enables us to take images of the chosen frame on the wearers’ face thereby determining all the measurements necessary to produce individualised lenses tailored for the customer.Jamaica Eye Glasses Dispensing We are proud to be the first to offer such a service in Jamaica and it compliments well our ability to tailor or bespoke your frame through our Tom Davies line.

In order to guarantee the best vision and cosmetic appearance we order many of our lenses out of Europe via a remote edging system. Especially for those with higher prescriptions lenses out of Europe tend to come out thinner and lighter than those manufactured in the Americas due to differing laws about the minimum centre thicknesses allowed. Also differences in manufacturing models enable the anti-reflection coatings produced in Europe to be more durable, which is important in Jamaica as our climate can be very harsh on them. The remote edging system guarantees that the minimum edge thickness is produced for every lens ordered once more ensuring the best cosmetic appearance is achieved.

The usage of these methods enables us to produce eyewear which not only optimizes vision, but also realises the best cosmetic appearance for our customers. So whether you’re one of our patients or have brought in your prescription from your eye-doctor a gorgeous pair of eyewear awaits.