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8 Need-To-Know Benefits Of Contacts: Why They Will Improve Your Life

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With our “50% OFF Contact Lenses” Promotion in full swing this month, we want to address some of your most common questions about the cost of contact lenses, if we sell coloured contact lenses, can contact lenses be non-prescription, are there any benefits, so we thought we’d share ALL our answers 🙂 Please comment below any questions you may have.

First, let’s drop all fear we have of contact lenses off right now. There’s no need for it, at Eye Q Optical we will guide you to becoming a pro. You will quickly catch on to inserting your contacts and become accustomed to its feeling in your eye, the biggest hindrances. To get contact lenses from us (prescription or non-prescription) you will need a Contact Lens Fitting and an up to date prescription. To just get a quote for Contact Lenses please call, complete the form below, or visit us with your prescription details.

At your contact lens fitting our optometrists will assess your needs and recommend a lens most suitable for your prescription, expectations, and lifestyle. All follow up examinations are included in the cost of your initial consultation. In the absence of any issues, we recommend a routine contact lens check-up every 6 months. This, along with any other necessary appointments throughout the year, is also included. In this way, you can feel confident that any issues can be looked at right away. At all times contact lens wearers eyes should look good, feel good and see well. “If in doubt, take it out!” and come in. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for 1 year and as such during this time you may order lenses as desired. After this time has passed a refit examination would be required in order to maintain your contact lens supply.

Here are 8 Benefits that you NEED to know:

  • Increased Comfort. First up: greater comfort. It may sound uncomfortable to place a lens directly on your eye, but it’s not. Contacts are designed to be comfortable. They are usually made of breathable material that maintains maximum moisture. While it can take up to 12 days for you to get accustomed, once you get the hang of your lenses, you won’t even feel them. Glasses can be uncomfortable at times, especially if the bridge of your nose and the tops of your ears may grow sore after prolonged wear. Contacts won’t cause this problem. As long as they’re worn correctly, contact lenses should feel comfortable all day long.
  • Contact lenses fit just about any situation. Whether you are jogging around mona dam, enjoying a night out, or working in the office, contacts are there for you giving you unobstructed vision. Perfect for sports lovers and people on the go as glasses tend to slip and slide or mist over as you get sweaty obscuring your vision. If any object hits you, or you fall during activity you are risking the chance of damaging your glasses and potentially your eyes in the process. Contact lenses have none of these problems. They do not slip. They don’t get misty. Do you like to get out and participate in physical activities? Whether you enjoy running, tennis, basketball or something else, sports and exercise involve a lot of movement. That movement can cause some real slipping annoyance if you’re wearing glasses. Glasses also fog up a lot with the littlest amount of sweating. Unlike glasses, contacts move with you perfectly. You won’t have to worry about keeping them on. Instead, you’ll be free to focus on enjoying your sport or activity. Contacts also never mist over or fog up during your workout or game. While it’s possible for contacts to fall out, the chances are pretty low. It’s definitely much less likely to happen than your glasses falling off. Contacts give you way more freedom of movement.
  • They Don’t Break Easily. The frames of your glasses may break in any number of circumstances. You may accidentally trip, drop them, or not catch them in time when they’re slipping off. However, contacts won’t break in any of these situations. As long as you care for your contacts and wear them properly, you probably won’t experience much damage. While it’s possible for contact lenses to break or tear, it’s still harder to destroy them when compared to glasses. And as you get better with your lenses, you’ll likely have fewer problems with them.
  • Do you have any of the following conditions? Nearsightedness (myopia)? Farsightedness (hyperopia or hypermetropia)? Astigmatism? Difficulty focusing vision on near objects (presbyopia)? If so, you’ll be glad to know that there are contact lenses perfect for each of them. New technologies allow persons with unique vision issues to also wear contact lenses. The type of prescription is no longer a barrier to wearing contacts. Contacts are quite useful for people with more complex prescriptions as the glasses in such cases tend to have thicker lenses which you may find less attractive sometimes. However, your contacts will always be thinner and easy to wear.
  • Easy to Maintain. Maintaining your contacts may even be easier than keeping your glasses clean as, during the day, your tears and blinking take care of any dirt or debris while you may have to clean away smudges and dirt on your glasses several times a day with a special cloth. Yes, once you have a reusable pair of lenses, you need to clean and store them every night, but this process is easy and just requires the use of your lens solution as the disinfecting agent. Andddd if this seems like too much, you can choose to wear daily disposable contacts instead. These require no cleaning, since you wear them for one day and then throw them away. Then, each morning you greet the day with a fresh pair of lenses.
  • Full Field of Vision. Contacts allow for full visual acuity. You won’t need to turn your head to see something beside you. Instead, you’ll be able to merely move your eyes to the side in order to see. Glasses, on the other hand, block your peripheral vision. You also won’t have to deal with frames getting in your line of sight. Contact lenses give you complete access to an obstruction-free field of vision.
  • Want to change your eye colour? Contact lenses come in an array of shades that allow you to temporarily and safely change the colour of your eyes. Whether you want a more natural and subtle change, or to stand out from the crowd, we offer a fantastic range of coloured contact lenses.
  • Contacts Can Even Treat Some Eye Conditions. Believe it or not, there are some contact lenses that can be used more like bandages. If you have keratitis or a corneal ulcer, you can wear a special contact to protect your eye until it heals. Research is underway to create lenses able to dispense medication directly in the eyes. There are special lenses used to correct eye conditions arising from misshapen corneas.

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  • Kate Hansen

    February 4, 2020

    I loved how you mentioned that contacts are really comfortable! My sister was telling me last night about how her eyesight has been getting worse for the past couple of weeks, and that she didn’t know if she should get glasses or contacts to help her see better. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so she can know the benefits of contacts.

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