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Top Tips For Glasses Wearers During Coronavirus

Whilst we’ve all been fully clued up on washing and sanitizing our hands and become very good at it, I hope, how many of us have thought about the implications of keeping our glasses clean during this coronavirus crisis. I’ve searched the web and found virtually nothing about it. What I have found speaks to wearing glasses not preventing you from catching COVID-19 except that it may help by preventing us from touching our eyes so easily and often. Remember the virus can enter our bodies through the mucous membranes in our mouth, nose, and eyes; hence the advice to avoid touching our faces. As I’m sure you’re well aware by now this is easier said than done!

Some viruses such as COVID-19 can remain on hard surfaces for hours or even days, which can then be transferred to eyeglass wearers’ fingers and then their faces. In the same way that we need to be vigilant about ensuring our hands are clean and sanitized before we touch our face we should do the same before we touch our glasses. Some people have a habit of taking their glasses on and off during the day whilst others touch them with their hands during wear or worse still chew on the ends of the temples!

Don’t forget that the virus can be transferred to your glasses when you place them on a hard surface or when you handle them, either unknowingly whilst they’re on your face, or when you take them on and off. For this reason, it is very important that not only do we limit touching our eyewear, but when we need to we ensure that our hands have been washed in the appropriate manner.

Presbyopes, those people who wear progressives, bifocal lenses or just straight readers, are all middle-aged and older. Many of them only need their glasses for seeing close by, computers and reading, so are prone to removing them when they’re not necessary. This increases the risk of the glasses being contaminated. The risk is lessened by proper handwashing as mentioned above but also by always placing your glasses in their case and closing it once they’re not on your face. This is standard advice to reduce the chance of damage to your eyewear when not in use but has even a greater significance in the current situation we find ourselves in. This age group is also more vulnerable to being severely affected by COVID-19.

I hope all this shows the importance of cleaning and sanitizing our glasses, which should strictly be done each time our glasses are removed from our faces.

  • I would start with disinfecting your glasses case by washing the exterior gently with soap and water and wiping out the inside with a mild detergent solution. The case could also be sprayed with a 70% alcohol solution concentrating on the inside where the glasses reside. Different cases are made of different materials so if not sure exactly how your case will hold up to this type of cleaning do a small patch test before cleaning the whole thing.
  • If you have one of those microfiber style soft cases this can be cleaned by going through a gentle cycle in your washing machine. If your glasses have been in a closed case since you last sanitized them and providing you have recently washed or sanitized your hands you may remove them and place them directly onto your face.
  • For the cleaning of the glasses themselves, I would recommend using lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Wet the glasses under the tap and place two small amounts of detergent in the centre of either lens. Using your thumb and fore-finger gently rub the soap onto the lenses giving them a good clean before running the excess suds over the entire frame, nose-pads and temple tips included. Rinse with water and then dry using a clean soft cloth, preferably microfiber.
  • Dishwashing liquid is great for this and can be used on frames of all materials. Metal frames typically have little metal arms that the nose pads sit on. Dirt and sweat can easily accumulate in these areas so pay special attention to ensuring they’re clean. An old soft toothbrush is the perfect scrubbing brush for this. Not only will this remove any bacteria and viruses but it will extend the length and improve the appearance of your glasses too. Don’t forget those nose pads are designed to be replaced from time to time so don’t fret if you can’t clean them perfectly just visit your local optical store where they will be more than happy to replace them for a small fee. At Eye Q we replace them at no charge for our customers.
  • Never use any harsh or abrasive cleaning agents like window cleaner or products that contain ammonia, vinegar or bleach as they can damage not only certain frame materials but also the coatings on your lenses. Rubbing alcohol is safe to use on the majority of frame materials but may damage others so if in doubt ask your optical provider first. Good quality lens coatings and finishes are typically fine to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

Here’s a great video for reference:


I hope this has brought to your attention something that I have heard little spoken about in terms of reducing the risk of infection by COVID-19. Should you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact our offices.

Together we shall get through this.

Stay Safe

Dr. Aron Wohl

To learn more about the measures we are taking to ensure your safety visit – https://eyeqjamaica.com/covid-19

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