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Medicalist Category Posts

Medicalist Category

The Eye Q Optical story ft Jamaica Observer

How reggae music pulled a young Englishman to Jamaica who eventually started an optical business When Aron Wohl left England for Jamaica in 1991 because he “wanted to go to Reggae Sunsplash”, little did the self-confessed roots reggae fan know that more than 30 years later, he would be calling the land of reggae music …

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Dr. Wohl on CVM Sunrise – How can we foster Healthy Visual Habits?

  How can we foster Healthy Visual Habits? In an era marked by rapid digital advancements and their pervasive integration into educational settings, our children face unprecedented levels of exposure to screens and digital devices. This increased exposure correlates with a concerning uptick in Myopia among youths. Dr. Aron Wohl, CEO & Lead Optometrist, Eye …

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