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It’s Our 21st Anniversary!!

This month we are filled with gratitude for our 21st Anniversary. Thankful to have made it to celebrate this momentous occasion, and thankful that we are able to continue to provide eye care to our Jamaican people. None of it would have been possible without you, our faithful clients and the awesome team we have at Eye Q. We are truly humbled by all the words of encouragement and support received over the years and feel privileged to have been able to serve you for all these years. Despite everything going on there is much to be thankful for. Challenging as it is right now we are confident that we shall not only survive, but use the opportunity to strengthen our foundations so that we may become stronger and better able to serve you going forward.



We know your eye care is essential and we have developed a COVID-19 Response Plan which outlines our response to the outbreak. These efforts will allow us to continue to provide the quality eye-care service you are accustomed to while keeping employees & clients safe during this unsettling time and make sure you are #ProtectedAtHome. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask us via email or contact our offices. Even if our office doors are closed, we plan to still be able to answer your queries, do emergency repairs, and provide advice on all things eyes related. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support over the years and for encouraging me and the team every step of the way. ?????? Wishing you and yours safety and health, when this is over we will CELEBRATE ????

Please be mindful that as Coronavirus is transmittable through our eyes the need for good hygiene when touching in or around our eyes is paramount.

Together we shall get through this.

Ministry of Health coronavirus fact sheet – Fact Sheet – COVID-19