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Dr. Aron Wohl

I'm Dr. Aron Wohl

Certified Optometrist
  • E-mail: info@eyeqjamaica.com
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Lying back in the big, black, eclectic office chair, Dr. Aron Wohl M.C.Optom. is not your average optometrist. Then again, Eye Q is not your average optical establishment.

Having been the lead optometrist at Eye Q for over 20 years he has found a home here having arrived on our shores in the early 90’s to do voluntary work so that he could attend the annual music festival, Reggae Sunsplash. “I never came to stay forever” he says, “but fell in love with the people, the culture and the beauty that is Jamaica”. “My patients are the best; interesting and appreciative for what we try to do for their visual experience. I wouldn’t swap them for anything and honestly they’re probably the number one reason why I’m still here”.

He brings over 30 years’ experience in optics to Eye Q and has built a sizeable clientele with a reputation for straight talking and being super thorough and professional.