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EyeQ Frames & Lenses

Frame Collections: "Finding your Perfect Frame"


We carry by far the widest range of frames in Jamaica not only in price but style too enabling you the greatest opportunity to find your perfect frame. Our experienced and knowledgeable Dispensing Staff will assist you in making your choice and offer expert advice about its fit and suitability for housing your lenses.

Whether its round and retro or minimal and modern we are sure that we have a frame to suit you. In fact, we stock frames to suit all fashions, styles and pockets.

We also specialize in eyewear for leisure and sporting activities and can assist with frames for, shooting, cycling, golf, prescription swimming goggles and masks for water sports to name but a few.

So the next time you're in the area stop by for more information or to choose your next pair!

High Fashion

BOZ Eyewear Eyenigma Eye Society Face a Face Frederic Beausoleil JF Rey Lafont Lindberg Louis Belgium OGA Parasite Tom Davies Vanni WOOW


ck Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Eyewear Converse Covergirl Davidoff Diesel Emilio Pucci Fendi Guess Head Jaguar JOOP! Kenneth Cole Reaction Koali le monde vivant Lacoste Morgan de Toi Nike Sean John


Bellagio Flexon Fysh Jai Kudo JK London Just Cavalli Kliik Denmark Lighttec Nomad Rebel Vision Skunkfunk Stepper Eyewear Takumi Magnetic Eyewear X-Tasy Zuma Eyewear


Sunglasses RackWe carry a large range of sun wear from a variety of leading suppliers so you should be able to find one to suit your style. All our sun wear offer full protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun and some are even fitted with polarised lenses. Many of our sunglasses can have prescription lenses fitted but to be sure please ask one of our frame stylists. Designer SunglassesSunglasses tend to wrap somewhat around the face. This isn't just styling but an effort to offer greater protection from the rays entering the eyes from the sides. Gone are the days when wrap frames can't take prescription lenses as technological advancements have enabled lenses to be wrapped to match the frame without compromising clarity of vision. Our stock changes regularly so come in to find one that suits you.

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Eyewear Emilio Pucci Fendi Karl Lagerfeld Kouture Lacoste MK Nike Parasite Rebel Vision Sean John Skunkfunk Tuscany Eyewear

Sports & Safety

Whilst contact lenses offer those requiring sight correction a level playing field they afford little by way of protection from impact, sunlight, dust or water. At Eye Q we provide an array of frames suitable for a myriad of sports both on land and in the water for adults and children alike. They can be prescriptioned if necessary or worn as a purely protective device. These frames provide not only protection but can even enhance vision by way of tints, coatings and filters; dare I say improving your game?!

Some of the sports we carry eyewear for include:

  • Swimming & Diving
  • Golf
  • Shooting
  • Cycling
  • Squash & Racquet sports
  • Football


At Eye Q we not only cater for the large purchases but also stock all the accessories you may require to complement your new eye glasses or contact lenses. Whether it's a chain for around your neck or some solution to keep your contact lenses clean we have it on hand for you.

Some for the accessories we stock include:

  • Strings and Chains, both Sporting and Decorative
  • Spectacle Cases, Cleaning Cloths & Solutions
  • Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions & Lubricating Drops
  • Anti-Fogging Cloths

Lenses: "The Story Behind Eye Q Lens Preparation"

There are many different types of lenses that are manufactured to correct a patient's visual needs. From your prescription our Dispensing Team will be able to advise what lens would best suit you and your visual needs.

Contrary to popular local belief there is no "medicine" in your eye-glasses and as such it can't run out! However the lenses may become scratched and worn over time affecting their performance and your prescription may change so that the strength of the lenses you require may need to change.

Single Vision: These lenses have the same strength throughout the whole lens. They are used to correct myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, or a combination of these disorders. They are available in an extensive range of materials and powers. Most people who wear glasses before the age of 40 have single vision lenses.

Multifocals:  Eventually, around age 35 to 40, we all lose our ability to adjust the focus of our eye for seeing at varying distances. This is an eye condition called presbyopia. When this occurs we require lenses that have different focuses for different distances.

  1. Bifocals are one such lens and have a small visible window in the lower part of the lens through which the wearer is able to see nearby objects. As the name implies these lenses offer 2 distinct focuses. Although effective until later in life when different help is needed for intermediate tasks the unsightly window means that these lenses aren't so popular anymore.
  2. Trifocals as the name implies offer 3 distinct focuses, typically distance, intermediate and near and are recommended when the wearer needs vision correction for all these distances i.e. needs to see in the distance their computer screen and some written text on the desk. With the advancements made in the manufacture of multifocals, which enable focusing at multiple distances without any unsightly lines, these lenses are rarely seen or recommended.
  3. Multifocals or Progressive lenses offer clear viewing at all distances because there is a gradual change in power as one looks from the top of the lens to the bottom. Typically this change takes the wearer from full distance vision through intermediary vision and into their full reading addition at the bottom of the lens. This gradual change ensures that there are no lines on the lens providing excellent cosmetic appearance and visual performance. Modern digital manufacturing techniques allow distortions to be kept to a minimum reducing adaptation times and providing for maximised visual comfort and ease of use. The age of a truly personalised or bespoke lens is upon us!

Occupational Lenses: Sometimes "standard design" lenses don't do a perfect job or force the wearer to put up with some amount of compromise. Some occupations require close work to be done in unusual positions or to read above your eye-level eg librarians. The large and ever increasing usage of computers and mobile devices means that intermediate and near areas for  many of us must be as large and distortion free as possible. Maybe you only require assistance with reading and your computer whilst your distance vision is perfect unaided. Our Dispensing Team will be able to best asses your requirements and expectations and advise you as to which occupational option may suit you best; from anti-fatigue lenses that take the strain out of prolonged VDU work to a digitally designed solution for your VDU needs we have a solution to suit you and your budget.

Thinner Lenses: We offer lenses manufactured in all possible lens materials from standard plastic, otherwise called CR39 or 1.5 index, to higher index lenses (1.53, 1.6, 1.67 & 1.74) otherwise called thinner lenses. We tend to avoid polycarbonate (1.59) as although impact resistant it is very soft and prone to scratching and doesn't focus the light as crisply as other materials. It has also been superseded by a newer material called Trivex or PNX (1.53) as the material of choice when impact resistance and safety are a concern. Uncommon in Jamaica is the fact that we offer glass lenses, from standard crown glass (1.52) right through to the higher indices, 1.8 & 1.9, which are recommended when the prescription is very high.

Sun Lenses: In Jamaica we are blessed with plenty of sunshine so naturally we carry lens materials to assist with the glare. Polarised lenses are tinted dark but also carry a glare eliminating filter to aide with reflections eg off the road or water's surface. Photochromic lenses change their tint depending on ambient light levels thereby ensuring a perfect shade for every light condition. Whilst not going quite as dark as regular shades and always having a slight tint even indoors or at night they offer an excellent compromise solution for those of us fortunate enough to live in sunny climes. Commonly referred to by one of their brand names "Transitions" they have improved tremendously over the years and now even have one that darkens somewhat behind the windscreen of a car. Another excellent option is Drivewear which combines the photochromic features with a polarised filter. Whilst designed originally to provide the optimum vision whilst driving in the sun it is also perfectly engineered to be excellent for use on the water too.


Anti-Reflection Coatings: As they provide many advantages including better vision and cosmetic appearance we strongly recommend these type of coatings at Eye Q. In fact about 85% of all the lenses we dispense have on this type of coating. We believe that you are entitled to get the best possible vision and cosmetic appearance from your eyewear and that's just not possible if you don't have one of these coatings on your lenses. These coatings allow more light to travel through your lenses, reducing reflections and glare on their surface, and thus providing more crisper vision at all times but especially whilst driving at night or using a computer screen. The latest anti-reflection coatings incorporate special layers to add scratch resistance and help keep them, clean for longer and reduce condensation.

Hard Coating: This coating will help reduce the likelihood of scratching your lenses during normal wear and tear and in turn prolong their lifespan. Whilst not making them scratch proof, the toughest coatings can provide a great amount of scratch protection even making plastic lenses as scratch resistant as glass. The best anti-reflection coatings combine the features of scratch protection with glare reduction.

With such a wide variety of designs, materials and coatings available at Eye Q it is little wonder that we have become the provider of choice for those with complex and high prescriptions along with those who desire the most cosmetically appealing eyewear without any visual compromise.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are now a great option for most glasses wearers; offering clear and stable vision and superb comfort. Never a substitute for having a pair of spectacles they are a great solution for those looking for an alternative more natural way to see. At Eye Q we are happy to fit you with contact lenses whether you want to wear them most of the time and have your glasses in reserve or whether you're just looking to wear them occasionally for example sporting or social events. A contact lens fitting will determine if you are a suitable candidate and what lens material and wearing schedule would suit your requirements and expectations best. All after-care visits are included in the initial fitting fee and for first time wearers we shall instruct and teach them how best to insert and remove the lenses. Most people find this challenging at first but with some expert advice and a little patience it becomes second nature.

As a specialist contact lens practice we fit & supply contact lenses from all major suppliers and a few specialist ones too, so that there are many options available to us, making finding one suitable for you an easy task. Whether you suffer from astigmatism and require a toric lens correction or require extra assistance when reading we have a solution for you.

Lenses we supply include:

  • Monthly and Two-Weekly Disposables
  • Frequent Replacement
  • Daily Disposables
  • Soft, Rigid, Toric and Progressive
  • Specialist lenses (e.g. for Kerataconics)

For further information or to book a contact lens fitting either call us at one of our locations for an appointment or use our online book appointment form.

Existing customers with up-to-date prescriptions held on file at Eye Q may re-order their supply here.